Who doesn’t love free books?

At the end of the academic year, we all get overwhelmed with grading final exams and papers, scrambling to finish projects, and trying to make plans for the summer. Once the hullabaloo is finished, who doesn’t like to stretch out on the porch or the beach on a sunny day and read something you actually want to read?

While the purpose of this blog isn’t unsolicited advertising, you know I love free. And this is a great offer.

During the month of May, Routledge is offering “free to view” monograph research books via their Routledge Library Channel. I’ve got my eye on a book about the origins of visual American icons –looks neat!

Here are the subject areas they’re offering — check it out, and read something interesting after your final grades are turned in!


Free webinars this month! Just watch those sales pitches…

I’m a big fan of free. And while some webinars can be a waste of time or an empty sales pitch, others can be really valuable professional development opportunities. You pays your money, you takes your chances.

In that spirit, I pass along info from an e-mail I just received from MacMillan Higher Ed Publishing, a company that offers free webinars each month to college and university faculty. Many are demos of products, but some involve useful pedagogical stuff — such as the webinars this month on course redesign, adaptive quizzing, flipping the classroom, etc.

So, for your edification and amusement… professor, web-ucate thyself.  Click here to get to MacMillan’s Event Center to check out the schedule of March webinars.