Creating online lessons with limited tech savvy? Check this out!

OK, true believers, I know how many of you may feel about sales pitches, but this is (potentially) one that may be rather useful, especially if you’re considering flipping the classroom with online pre-class content lessons… but have limited tech experience and an aversion to wonky new programs. Here’s a possible solution that is easy to use for anyone who can use PowerPoint.

I’ve recently come across a pair of linked, free applications that can help you turn your PowerPoint into an online lesson. iSpring enables you to record voiceovers and embed quizzes into a PowerPoint and turn it into an interactive video lesson. Slideboom is a free service that enables you to upload and store lessons in the cloud for streaming and use by your students (including embed code that enables you to put the lessons in your course LMS like Moodle, website, whatever). Comfortable learning curve for tech newbies, and free (unless you want to “spring” for premium features, which may not be necessary).

Anyway, I just got this e-mail (below, after the videos) for a free webinar coming up later this month that introduces iSpring and demonstrates what it can do, and what you can do with it. Might be worth the time investment… I’m going to check it out. Deets below.


Got the PowerPoint blahs? Find out how to power up your e-Learning!

We are glad to invite you to a Free Webinar especially for Educators. The seasoned sales leader Clay Moore, iSpring Director of Sales, will share a number of treasured tips:

  • How to create interactive courses right in PowerPoint
  • How to implement mLearning fast and easy
  • How to protect the content, and more!

Choose the most convenient time for you:
Join the webinar → Tuesday, March 26th, at 11 AM CST
Join the webinar → Wednesday, March 27th, at 11 AM CST

Don’t miss this rare chance to ask an expert. There are just 2 weeks left to sign up.

Grab this opportunity! The number of attendees is limited.

If you have any questions feel free to contact Clay Moore,
iSpring Director of Sales, US & Canada
Direct: 877-463-0065


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