Why can’t we talk about race?

Do we really now live in an age when many of us believe that whites are the main victims of racial aggression? Do we feel that their comfort or discomfort with the topic should govern how and when we talk about race?

As a matter of fact, some white Americans do. In 2011, researchers at Tufts and Harvard universities surveyed African Americans and whites about their views on racism. They found that a majority of whites now believes they have “replaced blacks” as the primary victims of racial discrimination in contemporary America. A majority also believes that anti-white prejudice is a “bigger problem” than the prejudice that African Americans face.

Discussing issues of race in the college classroom is a challenge both difficult and absolutely necessary. In a short, provocative piece for the Chronicle’s Vitae site, Cornell University Noliwe Rooks presents this surprising (and troubling) survey result.

Check out the full post here.


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