Feelings… whoa whoa whoa, (Student) Feelings…

As my Augie colleagues prepare to start Spring 2014 courses in just over a week, some food for thought on the student classroom experience from a recent issue of The Teaching Professor: specifically, some research results on the possible connection between student emotional experiences, approaches to learning and learning outcomes:

In some ways these results are not surprising. They would be what most teachers would predict. If a student is not feeling positive about experiences in the course, that certainly affects the motivation to study and the amount of effort put into the course. The more pragmatic question involves what teachers can do to help student have positive emotional experiences in the course. Some might argue that the emotional responses of students are not something that should concern teachers, but if students’ emotional responses end up impacting how well they learn the material, which this research seems to indicate they do, that makes it more difficult for teachers to discount their importance.

The short version: for optimal learning in your class, you might not want to reduce your students to this:

FYI, Augie faculty can access The Teaching Professor! Instructions for setting up your Magna account for TP can be found in the “Readings” section of the Faculty Newsletter.


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